Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Why Choose Armstrong Laminate Flooring for Your Home?

Armstrong is one of the leading names in flooring, and there’s perhaps no brand that’s more durable or easy to care for than Armstrong Laminate Flooring.

Here at America’s Dream HomeWorks, we work with many different brands of flooring, but we often recommend Armstrong Laminate Flooring to our customers. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

A Wide Range of Laminate Flooring Styles to Choose From

Love the look of authentic hardwood or style tile but hesitant about the price and maintenance? You’re not alone. Many homeowners understandably fall in love with the enchanting look of hardwood and traditional stone flooring.

Laminate brings the look of hardwood, stone and tile to life – but without the necessary upkeep like re-sanding, refinishing or re-grouting. You get all of the benefits of naturally-inspired designs that mimic the look of a variety of hardwoods, stone, marble and more – but at a fraction of the cost.

Armstrong laminate floor is uniquely designed to reflect the much-loved styles of flooring from around the world. From Italian Piazzas to exotic Brazilian mahogany, you can enjoy the rich, earthy tones or distinctive and sophisticated modern hues that perfectly capture the look and feel of your home.

No matter whether you want to reflect a rustic, country charm or a coastal, weathered look, or perhaps something inspired by reclaimed hardwoods – there are countless varieties of Armstrong laminate flooring to perfectly match your vision.

And at America’s Dream HomeWorks, we’re delighted to share them all with you.

Impressive Durability with Added Warmth and Comfort

One of the biggest reasons most people love laminate flooring by Armstrong is its impressive durability. Unlike traditional flooring that often falls victim to scratches and scuffs which can detract from its natural beauty, laminate floors stand up to common home mishaps with ease.

But just because your flooring is designed to be durable, doesn’t mean your home has to look bland or uninspired. Armstrong laminate flooring adds a touch of warmth and luxury anywhere it’s used, for unbeatable comfort that even stone and hardwood floors can’t match.

Imagine a softer, more pliable step underfoot coupled with the warmth and charm that only hardwood or rustic stone can provide, and you can easily see why Armstrong laminate floors are so popular with our customers!

Practically Impervious to Scratches, Scuffs, Stains and Spills

Every slab and plank of Armstrong laminate flooring is designed not to bow, bend or warp – even when exposed to moisture.

That means you can use it even in rooms where traditional floors like stone or hardwood can’t go, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Entryways
  • Playrooms
  • And much more!

Just don’t be surprised if your guests ask how you managed to put hardwood floors in your bathrooms without the planks bending and bowing from the shower steam. You don’t have to let them know that the secret is laminate!

Effortlessly Accentuates Any Area of Your Home – Including Your Walls!

In addition to using Armstrong laminate floors in rooms where other flooring simply can’t compete, you might be amazed to learn that it also works as a terrific backsplash or accent background in your home. Imagine a few rustic wood planks as a backdrop in your living room or the cool, modern look of stone in your kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

The only limit to what you can do with laminate flooring is your imagination, so get creative and let the flooring experts at America’s Dream HomeWorks bring your inspiration to life!

Engineered for Toughness and Stability

Armstrong laminate flooring is like the superhero of floors. Scuffs, stains and even heavy foot traffic won’t faze it. Even ultraviolet light from the sun won’t fade it out over time.

That’s because this unique brand of floor is designed with both VisionGuard® and HydraCore® technologies – which are designed to protect the floor while providing moisture and sound absorption.

The built-in backing provides an even more balancing layer to the floors, so it can often go in places where hardwoods would bow or break easily.

If you need even more reasons to choose Armstrong laminate floors, you’ll be glad to know that your floors are protected by warranties that are simply unparalleled in the industry. Ranging from 20 years to a lifetime depending on the flooring you select, you can feel confidence and peace of mind that your floors can keep up with whatever your busy lifestyle throws at (or spills on) them!

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Ready to learn more about how Armstrong laminate floors can beautify your home and exemplify its natural style? Curious to learn more or view the catalog of Armstrong laminate floors before you decide?

The flooring professionals at America’s Dream HomeWorks would be delighted to help you choose the perfect laminate flooring design that intricately captures the style and feel of your home no matter what type of look you’re after.

Our flooring experts have years of experience installing Armstrong laminate floors, so if you’ve decided on a look and need a helping hand to make sure everything looks and works perfectly, there’s no better time to contact America’s Dream HomeWorks and share your ideas with us.

Give us a call today and let us know more about what you have in mind for your floors. Even if you haven’t made a decision on choosing laminate, we’d be happy to provide advice and guidance on picking the right floor for your lifestyle and budget. And don’t forget, you’re backed by Armstrong’s extensive warranties – so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the added beauty and sophistication that new flooring can add to your home. It’s that easy!

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