Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the window and open to the outside. They can be left open in the rain and offer full ventilation. Awning windows are usually rectangular or square in design, open with a crank, and work well with a combination of other window styles.

Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows offer the following benefits:

Full Ventilation. The awning window’s entire sash opens which maximizes airflow.

Can Leave Window Open in the Rain. Since the window opens outward, rain will not enter your home. The crank system at the bottom of the awning window allows you to open it wide or a few inches.

Increases Light Transmission. Unlike a vertical or horizontal sliding window, awning windows have full sashes without bars through the middle which would cut down views to the outside or prevent light from coming in.

Can Be Installed in Space Spaces. Awning windows are often combined with other window types or placed above sliding glass doors. The small size of an awning window makes it perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, showers, bathrooms, and basements.

Reduces Drafts. An awning window’s sash compresses against the frame to provide a strong seal.

Provides Shade from the Sun. Awning windows can serve as a canopy window if you choose a style that has internal mini blinds or tinted glass.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have the following features:

  • Vinyl sashes and frames that won’t peel, chip or crack.
  • Fusion-welded main structures and frames for rigidity and strength.
  • Heavy duty hinges to make the windows easy to operate.
  • Beveled exterior sash design which makes the window appear larger.
  • Dual-point locking system that adds security and provides a tight fit.
  • Warm edge spacer system and insulated glass.
  • Multi-chamber mainframes and sash for increased energy efficiency.
  • Sloped window sills force water to drain to the outside of the home.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.

Where You Can Use an Awning Window

You can choose us at America’s Dream HomeWorks to install new awning windows in your kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. We can install them as a single window or as a group of transom windows. We can also install awning windows above sliding glass doors or in basements.

Awning Window Design Options

Reduce energy costs and add style to your home with the following double-hung window design options.

Decorative Window Grilles and Grids. Grids placed on the inside of the insulated glass makes it easy to clean your windows. Grid options you can choose from include Diamond, Colonial, Double Prairie, and Prairie.

Internal Mini Blinds that Tilt. Mini blinds placed on the inside of a double-hung window never needs to be cleaned and provides shade from the sun.

Interior Wood Grain Veneer Finishes. We offer a large variety of wood grain veneer finishes to complement your home’s style and design. Several options include cherry, foxwood, and light, medium, and dark oak finishes.

Vinyl Frame Exterior Colors. Choose from a variety of vinyl frame colors to contrast or match your home’s exterior. There are several trim options available that will accent your home’s curb appeal. Colors include brick red, tan, green, brown, white, black, gray, bronze, beige, and clay.

Upgraded Glass Packages. You can lower your home’s cooling and heating costs when you upgrade your double-hung windows to premium glass.

Self-Cleaning Glass. This new technology prevents dirt and debris from adhering to the glass, while water spray or rain rinses it away.

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