Bay Windows

A bay window has three separate windows, with one being a large, non-operable picture window and two equally-sized operable windows on either side. The two side windows are set at 45, 60, or 90 degree angles and can be double-hung or casement crank-out windows.

Benefits of a Bay Window

Bay windows offer the following list of benefits:

Increased Light and Spaciousness. Since bay windows project outward, they capture natural light from several directions. Bay windows feature a window seat, which makes it a nice place to read a book or eat.

Increased Resale Value. Bay windows add to the appeal of a home which increases the home’s market value.

Increased Outside Views. You can view more of your front, side or back yard when you choose us to install your new bay window for your home.

Increased Ventilation and Airflow .Increase your home’s airflow and ventilation by opening the two double-hung or casement windows that are angled from the picture window.

Bay Window with Roof and Seating Options

Bay windows offer the following features:

  • Vinyl sashes and frames that won’t chip, crack or peel.
  • Fusion-welded main structures and frames for added rigidity and strength.
  • Birch or oak furniture-grade veneer on seat-boards and headboards to complement your home’s interior.
  • Available in beige or white with optional rich maple, soft maple, dark oak, light oak, cherry, or foxwood wood grain finishes.
  • Exterior roof system available with painted aluminum or copper roof clad kits.
  • Uses either casement or double-hung side windows.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.

Where You Can Use a Bay Window

You can choose us at America’s Dream HomeWorks to install your new bay window in your dining room, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Various bay window designs include Modern, Victorian and Frank Lloyd Wright styles.

Design Options for Bow Windows

Bow windows provide the following design options:

Insulated Seats. Window seats are insulated for added comfort.

Multiple Roof Styles. Choose from a variety of roof styles including concave and hip roofs made of aluminum, copper or shingles.

Interior Wood Grain Veneer Finishes. We offer a large variety of wood grain veneer finishes to complement your home’s style and design. Several options include cherry, foxwood, and light, medium, and dark oak finishes.

Upgraded Glass Packages. You can lower your home’s cooling and heating costs when you upgrade your double-hung windows to premium glass.

Angled Side Windows. Side windows can be positioned at 45, 60, or 90 degree angles.

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