Exterior Steel Entry Doors

Steel entry doors combine two pieces of thick steel skin and a polyurethane foam core together to provide a durable exterior door that can be stained or painted to improve the value, energy efficiency and curb appeal.


Benefits of an Exterior Steel Front, Back or Side Door

Exterior steel entry doors provide the following list of benefits:

Costs less than a fiberglass or wood door. Reduces Energy Costs. The exterior steel door is filled with polyurethane foam to reduce heating and cooling costs. We also offer low energy efficient glass exterior steel doors. Higher resale value and enhanced curb appeal. The first thing people see when they see your house is your front door. A newly stained or painted front door will enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of the house. Exterior steel doors don’t splinter or rot like wood doors.With galvanized outer and inner steel sheets, an exterior steel door will not rot or splinter like a wood door does.. Increased security. A steel entry door has steel-edged perimeters so it’s stronger and more stable than a wood door. Adding new lever sets, locksets, keyless entry and deadbolts to this door increases your home’s security. Low maintenance. The exterior steel door’s skin is easier to maintain than a wood door. Higher fire ratings. Steel doors have a 90 minute fire rating.

Exterior Steel Door Product Features

The features of a steel entry door includes:

  • A 20 or 22 gauge steel door for reduced waves and denting, which has 48 percent more steel than a 25 gauge steel door.
  • Constructed in two pieces that includes a thermal break.
  • Contains a 2.5 inch polyurethane foam core that provides thermal protection (R-value is a 13).
  • Reduce energy costs with Energy Star insulated glass steel door packages.
  • Heavy duty handle sets, hardware, deadbolts, and lever sets in a variety of finishes.
  • Compression weather stripping that creates a weather tight seal. Bottom sweep upgrades are available to strengthen the weather strip.

High performance exterior steel door frames provide the following features:

  • The jamb and strike plate is steel-reinforced for added security.
  • Composite door bottom is rot resistant.
  • 4″x10″ composite lock block adds strength.
  • Continuous sill to prevent leaks and gives the door a better fit.
  • Steel-edged perimeter provides increased strength and stability.
  • 90 minute fire rating to add peace of mind and safety.
  • Create a perfect fit with an adjustable hinge system.
  • Limited lifetime warranty and 30 year clear glass and 20 year decorative glass warranties.
  • Large selection of sizes to choose from.

Where you can use an exterior steel entry door- front, back, side and garage service door areas

Choose us at America’s Dream HomeWorks to install your exterior steel entry door in the front, side, back and garage service entrances of your home. Exterior steel doors come in four varieties: double door, single door, French door, or a door with sidelight(s).

Fiberglass Entry Door Styles, Designs, and Hardware

Add style and reduce energy costs with these options (note: options will vary by product lines):

Caming and decorative glass patterns. Choose from a variety of colored and decorative glass designs to create a beautiful look or reflect light in a variety of ways. Several Polaris patterns include Naples, Baton Rouge, Aurora, Williamsburg, Charleston, New Orleans, Brennan, Manhattan, Bostonian, Encino, and Santa Fe. Pro Via decorative glass styles include Brilliance, St. Jane, Cheyenne, Santa Fe, Glenmore, Crystal, Solitaire, Radiant Hues, Barcelona, Lehigh, Tranquility, Classic, Diamond, Tuscany, Beveled, and Emerald. Decorative caming is available in polished brass, zinc, and patina.

Pro Via line Inspirations Art Glass. Choose from five designer color palettes and seven door styles to make your door a one of a kind.

Different colored thresholds .Customize your entryway by choosing a threshold in satin black/nickel or in anodized brown/brass.

Distinctive locksets, hardware, handle sets, deadbolts, and lever sets. Complement and match the interior or exterior of your home by choosing hardware in a variety of finishes including satin nickel, antique brass, polished brass, and aged bronze. Technological electronic keyless entry systems are also available.

Multiple stain and paint options. You can choose from either a stained or painted door (or you can order a door that is factory primed and add your own finishing). Select cherry, natural oak, fruitwood, colonial, dark walnut, or rosewood stains or one of the 19 painted colors from the Polaris line. The Pro Via line has seven stains including Light Oak, Natural Oak, Dark Oak, Oak, Cherry, Dark Mahogany, and Walnut, as well as 16 additional paint colors to choose from.

Decorative mini-blinds. Add mini-blinds that tilt and raise inside the tempered glass of your new fiberglass door. This eliminates the need to clean or dust the mini-blinds.

Transom windows. Add transom windows over double doors, 3′ doors, or doors that have sidelights.  

Door panel design options. We have a large selection of door panel designs that suit a variety of styles.

External grids. Install a grid or grille on the back, side, or garage door to add an artistic touch.

Upgraded glass packages. Reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by opting for a glass upgrade to increase energy efficiency.

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