Sliding Glass Patio & French Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors often have two glass panels, one of which is fixed and one slides open, while French doors have two hinged glass doors. The doors increase natural lighting into your home, provides access to your deck or patio, and introduces large quantities of fresh air to the inside of your home.


Benefits of a Sliding Glass Patio Door

Benefits of a Sliding Glass Patio Door: Expansive views to the outside. The sliding glass doors range in size from 36 inches to 143 inches and a maximum height of 84 inches tall. They are all glass, with the exception of the frame and provides expansive views to the outside. Designs that fit a variety of styles. Patio doors open your home to the outside, and comes in a variety of styles from transitional to contemporary to traditional designs. Reduces heating and cooling costs. Old aluminum doors provide single-pane glass and the seals wear down over the years. A steel, vinyl or fiberglass patio door can reduce your heating and cooling costs when you replace your old aluminum door. Increased security.Foot operated dead bolts and multi-point locks increases your family’s safety. Easy egress. In many cases, sliding or French patio doors lead out to a garden, deck, swimming pool or backyard from the dining room or kitchen, allowing your guests and family members quick access to the outside. Increased ventilation. Glass patio doors include a screen that increases the amount of fresh air and ventilation in your home. Rooms full of natural light. Since patio doors are mostly glass, these doors make rooms feel larger while increasing the amount of natural light into the room. Enhanced curb appeal and higher resale value. The first thing home buyers see is the front of your house. A sliding glass patio door can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the resale value.

Vinyl, Fiberglass and Steel Sliding Glass Patio Doors Product Features

Vinyl sliding door features can include:

    • Door panel extrusions and vertical multi-chamber main frames are reinforced with aluminum. Frames are fusion welded to add strength to the door.
    • Vertical main frames are injected with foam to improve thermal efficiency.
    • Sashes and main frames will never crack, warp, peel or chip.
    • White pine main frame combined with vinyl cladding creates and energy efficient barrier.
    • Triple weather-stripping where the door panels and main frame extrusions meet to create a tight seal.
    • Insulated double strength safety glass comes standard.
  • Strong aluminum screens come in a variety of colors.
  • Reduce energy costs with Energy Star insulated glass packages.
  • Foot operated dead bolt locks and multi-point security locks improve security.
  • Smooth-gliding, zinc-plated, solid steel rollers make the door operate smoothly.
  • Sliding glass doors are available in 2 lite (5,6, and 8 feet wide), 3 lite (9 feet wide), and 4 panel (12 feet wide) designs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Features of Fiberglass or Steel Swinging Patio Doors

  • Steel doors use a 22 gauge steel to reduce waves and denting.
  • Fiberglass doors have reinforced skins to reduce dings and dents and eliminates splintering.
  • 2.5 inch polyurethane foam core provides a high R-value of 13 for maximum thermal protection.
  • Energy Star insulated glass reduces heating and cooling costs.
  • A keyed flair handle set with a deadbolt is included.
  • Compression weather-stripping gives the door a tight seal. Bottom sweep upgrades are available to strengthen the weather barrier.

Features of High Performance Door Frames:

  • Steel reinforced jamb for increased security.
  • Composite door bottom is rot resistant.
  • 4×10″ composite lock block adds strength
  • Strike plate is steel reinforced for added security.
  • Continuous sill across the base of the door prevents leaks and gives the door a better fit.
  • Steel-edged door perimeter increases strength and stability when compared to a wood door.
  • Ball bearing hinges increases the durability of the door.
  • Doors are available in 2 and 3 panel designs from 60 inches to a maximum of 108 inches wide.

Where you can use a swinging or sliding patio door.

You can choose us at America’s Dream HomeWorks to install your swinging or sliding patio door along the sides or back of your home, leading from a dining room or kitchen to a patio, garden, deck, swimming pool or courtyard.

Sliding Glass Door Styles, Hardware and Designs

Reduce energy costs and add style with the following options:

Decorative cut glass or interior grids. Match your sliding glass patio door to the windows in your home with cut glass or decorative interior grids in a variety of stains and colors. Several patterns include Diamond, Double Prairie, Prairie, and Colonial.

Pro Via line Inspiration Art Glass. Choose from a variety of door styles and designer colors to make your door look stunning. There are five designer color palettes and seven door styles to choose from.

Distinctive handle sets. Handle sets are available in satin nickel or bright brass.

Multiple stain and paint options. Choose from either a stained or painted door (or order a factory-primed door and apply your own paint or stain). Choose from 14 stains including American Cherry, Toffee, Cinnamon, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Caramel, Honey Wheat, Truffle, Pecan, Espresso, Almond, and Ginger, as well as 16 paint colors.

Decorative mini-blinds. Mini-blinds that tilt and raise can be installed within the tempered safety glass, which eliminates the need for cleaning and dusting the blinds. Several colors include alabaster, gold, clay, and white.

Upgraded glass packages.. Improve your home’s energy efficiency by choosing to upgrade your glass package.

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