Storm and Screen Doors

A storm door is installed on the exterior door frame of your home and provides an insulating space between the outside and the entry door. They are lighter and thinner than entry doors and helps provide more ventilation, saves, energy, adds security and natural light, and protects the entry door. 

Storm Door Benefits

Storm doors provide the following list of benefits: Lowers energy costs. Storm doors provide another barrier between the outside and the inside of your home. Storm doors minimize leaks that may come through from an entry door and it helps reduce heating and cooling costs. Increases ventilation. Many storm doors come with screens that allow cool breezes to help save on air conditioning costs in your home. Spend less on a storm door than on an entry door. Replacing your entry door can be expensive. Storm and screen door combinations cost lower and improves your home’s energy efficiency. Increases security. Storm doors are available with a three point locking system or a curved lever and deadbolt to provide an additional layer of security to protect your family. Low maintenance. The glass in a storm door protects the entry door and lessens the frequency of repainting or re-staining the door. Increase natural light into your home. If you have a solid entry door, a half or full view storm door increases the amount of light to the inside of your house.

Storm Door Product Features and Uses

Three Types of Screen and Storm Doors

  1. Full View – Allows the maximum amount of light into your home and has interchangeable screens that snap in place with retainer strips.
  2. Retractable Screens – Roll easily onto a cassette hidden within the door. Retractable screens can  be operated with one hand.
  3. Ventilating – This model has a built-in screen that allows top and bottom ventilation with easily adjustable glass panels.
The features of a storm door includes:
  • Larson doors are made with a 1 5/8 inch and a 1 7/8 inch thick extruded aluminum frame that comes with a maintenance free finish.
  • Pro Via has five series of storm screen doors that will fit within any budget including:
  • Spectrum Series comes with a retractable screen, a 1 1/4 x 4 3/16 inch frame, and a triple bottom sweep.
  • Decorator Series comes with a 1 1/4 x 4 inch wide sculptured frame, insulated frame, decorative beveled glass, and a triple bottom sweep.
  • Deluxe Series comes with a 1 1/4 x 3 5/8 inch side frame, a double bottom sweep and fiberglass screens.
  • DuraGuard Series comes with fixed .023 stainless steel screens, a double bottom sweep, and a 1 1/4 x 3 5/8 inch wide frame.
  • Superview Series comes with a single bottom sweep, a 1 1/4x 2 5/8 inch frame, and a fiberglass screen.
  • Storm doors contain tempered glass to increase safety.
  • Corrosion resistant corner gussets provide added structural integrity.
  • Color-matched bottom expanders create a custom fit to any entrance.
  • Bottom expanders with sweeps are adjustable which ensures a tight fit.
  • A variety of locking systems are available, depending on the type of storm door. Locking systems include a three-point locking system as well as a built-in deadbolt lock.
  • Multi-hollow construction adds security and strength.
  • Reinforced aluminum kick panel increases durability.
  • Pro Via aluminum wall thickness is 20 percent thicker than the industry standard for storm doors.
  • Transferrable limited lifetime warranty.

Where you can use a storm door

You can choose us at America’s Dream HomeWorks to install storm doors to your back, front, garage service, and side door entrances of your home.

Storm Door Designs, Hardware, and Styles

Improve function and add style with the following options:

Caming and decorative glass patterns. Storm doors are available with beveled glass and brass or zinc inlays.

Pro Via Line Inspirations Art Glass. There are five door styles and five color palettes that will make your storm door look stunning that you can choose from.

Different paint colors. Choose from a variety of paint colors to match your home. The Pro Via line has 13 paint colors and the Larson line has 5 colors to choose from.

Distinctive hardware. Complement and match your home by choosing from a variety of door handle designs. The Decorator and Spectrum lines from Pro Via include solid brass mortise hardware in satin nickel, bright brass, antique brass, and aged bronze finishes. The DuraGuard and Deluxe storm doors come with a curved lever and deadbolt, which is available in six different finishes and colors. The Superview line comes with a white or black pull handle.

Pet doors. A large (10 1/8x 15 3/4 inch) or medium (8 1/8 x 11 3/4 inch) solid aluminum pet door that includes a spring-loaded cover is available.

Safety screens. The DuraGuard line has fixed .023 stainless steel screens to protect both pets and kids.

Decorative bottom expanders and piano hinges. These decorative options enhance the style of the storm door by including a satin nickel, aged bronze, or brass bottom expander and piano hinge.

Mail and magazine slots. Slots are available in satin nickel, aged bronze, or bright brass.

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