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Dekton by Cosentino provides ultra compact countertop surfaces that are designed to bring out the natural beauty of your home, while resisting scratches, abrasion, moisture and fire.

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The Complete Dekton Countertop Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for countertops that keep up with your busy lifestyle?  Want counters that are resistant to scratches, fire and heat?  Counters that won’t lose their color or fade over time?

Dekton is the name to know. Here’s why:

Superior Countertops for Unparalleled Protection

Dekton provides countertop surfaces that are designed to bring out the natural beauty of your home, while resisting scratches, abrasion, moisture and fire.

Each countertop is designed to provide maximum flame and heat resistance while maintaining color stability. In addition, no matter which color you choose, your Deskton countertops are designed to be incredibly UV resistant, which means they won’t fade out over time.

Dekton countertops are made with a fireproof material, so you can cook to your heart’s desire and never worry that you’ll singe your countertops.

What is Dekton Made Of?

Many customers come to us and ask us, “What exactly is Dekton?” It’s understandable that customers understand things like quartz and granite countertops – but Dekton is truly in a class of its own.

One of its most striking features is the use of “sinterized” particles.  These are particles that have undergone an accelerated version of the same kinds of changes that natural stone undergoes when it is subjected to high temperature and high pressure for thousands of years.

This accelerated process is an evolutionary leap in the design of countertops – creating a surface that is as durable as natural stone, but non-porous and capable of withstanding high temperatures with ease.

Fast, Hassle-Free, Professional Installation

Professional chefs trust Dekton to give them a unique, compact space without the mess. Because Dekton is made of a unique formulation of fireproof materials, it provides a uniform surface that seamlessly integrates with different design styles.

What’s more, installation can be done quickly and with little mess, thanks to there being no cuts and no joints. That means less waste and much more creativity in a clearly designed space.  Distinctive materials including glass, quartz and porcelain are used to provide uniform durability – so your countertop won’t be marred by weak spots or broken pieces the way cheap countertops can.

Turn Your Kitchen Into the Favorite Room in the House!

The kitchen is where memories are made. From baking cookies with the kids to putting out a gourmet meal for friends and family, good times are shared around food.

With Dekton, your kitchen counters can become one of the main focal points (besides the food, that is!) that perfectly and seamlessly fits within any space – large or small. With its unique design and stylish exterior, you can find any color or texture to match your kitchen’s look and feel.

From small, cozy spaces to large, modern styles – there’s a Dekton countertop that’s ready to work hard for you. Even professional restaurants around the world trust in Dekton countertops to provide them with unbeatable protection and sharp style that works hard and is eager to please.

Accentuate the Outdoors with an Outdoor Kitchen Counter

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a growing trend, and you’ll need a counter that can keep up to regular use.

You’ll be glad to know that in addition to being incredibly UV resistant, Dekton kitchen countertops are also virtually impervious to moisture, so they won’t freeze or thaw due to shifts in temperature.

Even everyday use like scratches from utensils or stains and spills are no match for the durability that Dekton brings to your outdoor kitchen.  Whether you’re cooking for a large crowd or entertaining a few friends in your outdoor space, you’ll quickly find that your Dekton countertop can handle it all with ease and style.

Bathroom Counters – Where Hygiene and Harmony Combine

The bathroom – a complex blend of hygiene and harmony. Bathroom counters pull double duty and Dekton countertops are no exception.   On one hand, your bathroom counter needs to be hygienic and non-porous, so that stains and spills won’t set in.

On the other hand, you don’t want to compromise on style – and  since the bathroom is a consistent destination, it’s important that yours reflects your impeccable taste.  Fortunately, with Dekton, you don’t need to compromise.

Relax in style knowing that your countertops are helping to provide you with endless inspiration and tranquility.

From modern looks that perfectly express your sophisticated style to the rustic charm of a bath that welcomes you home, the only true limit to expressing yourself with a versatile countertop is your creativity!

Because Dekton countertops can be installed in a single uniform piece, you can let your imagination inspire and delight you.  Explore your creative side with looks and finishes that effortlessly match your bath in a variety of colors and textures.

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Now that you’ve learned all of the many ways that Dekton countertops can be used to further accentuate and beautify your home, the next step is to contact America’s Dream HomeWorks about your new countertop installation!

When you request your free estimate, we’ll come to you and perform an in-home evaluation of your current countertop needs and budget. If you have any questions about Dekton countertops, we’d be happy to answer them.

We’ve provided years of dedicated countertop installation throughout homes and rooms both large and small. Whether you’re undertaking a massive kitchen renovation or just want a small bathroom remodel and need countertops that are durable and ready to stand up to your demanding and uncompromising needs, there’s simply no better choice than a brand that blends together the best of the natural world in one seamless, finished product.

We’re ready to amaze and delight you with new countertops you’ll rely on again and again. Contact us today for a no obligation estimate for new Dekton countertops in your indoor or outdoor kitchen, bath or anywhere else in your home that you need a durable, fireproof, heat-resistant surface that’s ready to stand up to whatever you can throw at (or spill on!) it.   Give us a call today!

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