SenSa Granite Countertops

SenSa Granite is a one-of-a-kind beauty that is carefully quarried using cutting-edge equipment to produce premium quality stone countertops.

SenSa® Granite with SenGuard™ adds elegant style to your kitchen with long-term stain protection.

  • Maintenance Free Premium Granite
  • 100% Stain Protection with SenGuard Technology
  • 15 year Stain Warranty
  • No Special Cleaners Required
  • No Sealing Required

What is SenSa?

SenSa countertops are granite slabs that are quarried using cutting-edge equipment to provide everlasting beauty and luxury in every piece. When we apply SenGuard to your new granite countertops, you’ll receive a 15 year warranty to protect against food and liquid stains. Many of our clients choose SenSa granite countertops for their kitchen or bathrooms when they are remodeling their homes.

What is SenGuard?

SenGuard stain protection makes it easy for you to maintain your granite countertops. We treat every SenSa granite slab with SenGuard, which contains a special chemical agent that penetrates into the stone to form a bond that protects the granite for a long time. Once we apply SenGuard to SenSa granite, your countertops are maintenance free. To clean SenSa granite countertops, all you need to do is use a mild soap or cleanser to wipe the surface clean. SenGuard provides years of stain protection from both food and liquids.

How Does SenGuard Stain Protection Work When Compared to Other Stone Sealers?

There are many stone sealers that claim to protect granite surfaces from stains but they don’t provide the same long-lasting protection like SenGuard offers. SenGuard contains a chemical agent that penetrates through the stone’s porous surface by forming a chemical bond in the lattice, to still allow the stone to breathe. SenGuard changes granite’s surface tension to create a long-lasting resistance to food and liquids. Other granite sealers lie on the surface of the stone which prevents the stone from breathing. As the sealer wears off, the trapped moisture within the stone is released which makes the granite expand and contract under sudden temperature changes. Unlike other sealers where you have to reapply one to two times a year, SenGuard protects SenSa granite countertops for 15 years.

Below is a comparison of how SenGuard stain protection outperforms other common sealers.

Difference Between SenGuard and Common Granite Sealers

15 Year Warranty

When we install your new SenSa granite countertops in your home, you’ll receive a 15 year warranty from the date of installation. You can download the warranty (PDF) by clicking here. If you would like to learn more about the 15 year warranty on your new SenSa granite countertops, you can speak to one of our America’s Dream HomeWorks specialists.

SenSa Granite Colors

Speak to an America’s Dream HomeWorks specialist to help you with the selection of SenSa color and edge choices available to you.

SenSa Granite Edge Profiles

*Any special edges available upon request. Speak to an America’s Dream HomeWorks specialist to help you with the selection of SenSa color and edge choices available to you.

Benefits of SenSa Granite

SenSa Granite Photo Gallery

Sacramento Granite Countertop Installation

Update Your Countertops with SenSa Natural Stone

Have you been searching for a reliable, experienced company to install new countertops in your home? If so, then you are in the right place. America’s Dream HomeWorks is a Certified Silestone SenSa Fabricator and Installer. We are here to install your new SenSa granite countertops in your bathroom and kitchen. We offer a variety of beautiful colors and designs you can choose from once you meet with one of our granite countertop design specialists. We offer affordable home remodeling solutions so you can fit your new granite countertops in your budget. You should also know that most of our clients are referred customers from other satisfied clients of ours so you can feel comfortable knowing we do our best to make all our customers satisfied with our work and craftsmanship.

Choose From a Large Selection of SenSa Granite For Your Home

Now that you decided you want to change out your countertops in your home, you can contact us to request a free in-home estimate on how much it will cost you to install and fabricate your new SenSa granite countertops for your home. You’ll soon find there are many beautiful granite cuts to choose from so it may be difficult for you to narrow your choices down to one! We at America’s Dream HomeWorks are here to help you through the entire process from start to finish to make sure you get the SenSa granite countertops you always wanted for your home. We’ll schedule a time that works for you to come to your home and answer all your questions regarding our granite countertop installation services you may have. The end result is you getting exactly what you always wanted for granite countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms, and at an affordable price.

We Will Fabricate and Install Your New SenSa Granite Countertops

When you need to rely on a home contractor to do a superior job to beautify your home, you can count on us at America’s Dream HomeWorks to do just that! We have many years of experience in installing and fabricating SenSa granite countertops which will add value to your home. Your kitchen and bathrooms will look like new once we get in and install your new countertops for you. You’ll have a design specialist with you every step of the way and is your go-to person in case you have any questions during the installation process. You’ll also choose from the many types of granite edge profiles which will make your countertops gleam and sparkle.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When you choose America’s Dream HomeWorks to be your Sensa granite installation and fabrication contractor for your kitchen countertop project, you can be sure you will be completely satisfied with the results once we are finished. We pride ourselves on making each and every client of ours completely satisfied with our workmanship, customer service, and professionalism when we are hired to install SenSa granite countertops. To get started, all you need to do is fill out the free estimate online request form and one of our granite countertop design specialists will contact you shortly.


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