Walk In Bathtubs

A walk in tub is a bathtub that is generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub; however it is designed to provide individuals with a safer, more convenient and comfortable bathing experience.

Walk In Bathtubs Sacramento

Enjoy warm, fully immersive baths – safely and comfortably.

What is a Walk in tub?

A walk in tub is a bathtub that is generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub; however it is designed to provide individuals with a safer, more convenient and comfortable bathing experience. Walk in baths are typically intended to suit those with mobility challenges such as those that are disabled (physical handicaps), the elderly, and/or those who suffer from painful ailments. They were created to meet the needs of individuals who want to bathe independently and securely.

Some people purchase accessories for their traditional tub like bath seats, grab bars, etc. in order to try and meet their desire for independence and security in the bath, they find however that those “band-aid” type solutions are not really a solution at all. Traditional baths, even with all of the available accessories, are not designed for those who suffer from mobility problems. This is where walk in tubs come in.

Why choose a walk in tub?

It is estimated that up to 45% of all accidents in the home resulting in “serious injury” occur in the bathroom. For this reason, safety is a key design in a walk in bath tub. Some of the safety features that are part of a walk in tub include a chair-height seat for a comfortable and secure bath, a grab or handle bar which makes it easier to maneuver around your tub, and a non-skid floor to keep the individual from slipping and falling.

Plus, many individuals do not have the upper body strength to pull themselves up after taking a bath and even simply stepping over a traditional 20″ bathtub to enter/exit can be a chore. A walk in tub offers a U or V shape door that opens so that you can easily walk in rather than having to step over to get into and out of the tub. These walk in doors are sealed so that they are watertight to keep them from leaking and typically come in right-hand or left-hand configurations to meet the individuals’ specific needs. This is why walk in tubs are often called tubs with doors or step in bath tubs.

Additional Features and Options

A walk in tub can also be used for other purposes than just bathing. For example, walk in-tubs typically offer a whirlpool/Jacuzzi option which puts jet and/or air bubbles right in your bath to be used for relaxation, comfort and to help alleviate aches and pains. Also, because walk in tubs are generally much larger and deeper, they provide a much more immersive bath. Most walk in tubs can be used for bathing and showering and are a perfect blend with an acrylic Bathwraps or Centrelle wall system.

Our walk in tubs give you the versatility to choose a basic package or upgrade to include additional features to customize your bathing experience. You can add chromatherapy to your tub which utilizes LED lights to change the water color or add aromatherapy and introduce the scent of your choosing. One of the most popular options is our patented Minute Drain feature. Instead of sitting (and shivering) for 15 minutes waiting for your walk in tub to drain, our exclusive pump system will have your bath drained in less than one minute for the ultimate in safety and convenience! Call us today and we will send out one of our bath experts to give you a free bath evaluation and see if a walk in tub is appropriate for your home.


Waste & Overflow: Large, easy grip handle that requires only a 1/4 turn to release the water, in addition the overflow sets high in the tub for maximum soaking depth.

Easy Access Panels: Dual access panels are built into both sides of every model for easier installations and service.

Secondary Door Drain: A critical part of Therapy Tubs’ IAPMO certification is the secondary door drain.

Easy Grip Door Lock: Therapy Tubs’ ergonomically designed door handle with replaceable nylon inserts keeps the door tightly closed and allows for easy operation of the tub door, even for those with weak hand strength.

Extension Panel: Each unit has the ability to extend to a perfect fit, allowing standard and custom installation options.

ile Flange: Prevents water from dripping off the deck by creating a water tight seal along all 3 walls.

Motor Placement: Motor mounting platform is located under each tub conveniently behind the access panel for ease of service and maintenance.

Adjustable Legs: Six adjustable legs under the tub simplify the installation process and ensures stability of the tub so it will not flex when full.

One Piece Construction: All Therapy Tubs® walk in bathtubs Sacramento are designed out of a one piece fiberglass shell and strengthened with additional laminated reinforced sides.

Durable Frame: Durable as they are Beautiful. Three types of frames are currently being produced for walk in bathtubs Sacramento, including wood, steel, and stainless steel.  We use stainless steel as well as powder coated steel frames to ensure durability and long life.

Highest Standards

All Therapy Tubs® walk in bathtubs are made to ensure a beautiful finish and a lifetime of worry-free use. Therapy Tubs’ gel coat / fiberglass bathtubs are made using industry-leading technology and the highest quality materials to be as durable as they are beautiful.

Low Threshold Across Entryway

Therapy Tubs have been designed with the lowest possible entryway while staying within the scope of a remodel application for reverse plumbing. The extra low threshold allows a person with hip or knee problems to safely enter and exit the tub with very little discomfort.

Slip Resistant Floor

A non slip floor is on the bottom of each of Therapy Tub for safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Ergonomically Angled Grab Bar

All deep soaker models as well as the Ruby 3052 tub comes equipped with a ergonomically angled grab bar, providing the bather ease of sitting or standing with the least amount of effort.

Gel coat/Fiberglass Certified Shell

Unlike most tubs that are sprayed fiberglass out of a chopper gun.   Therapy Tubs® applies sheets of fiberglass by hand in order to prevent air pockets from forming insuring greater durability.  Additionally, this strengthens the gel coat finish and ensures a strong bond between the gel coat and fiberglass.

17” High Contoured Seat

For effortless seating It is important for the seat in the tub to be at least 17” high so that a person can sit down and rise back up easily and safely.  The 17” seat height meets ADA standard specifications.

Ridged Formed PVC Piping

Therapy Tubs® Custom Jetting Systems uses ridged PVC piping, other than from the motor, to insure that all the water drains from the system and no residual water remains.  Flexible pipes sag in a short time and collect water, mold and bacteria in the lining.

Extreme testing of Therapy Tubs’ hydrostatic door seal gives the company the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

Walk in Bathtubs Sacramento

Therapy Tubs Systems


The human body should lose up to 90% of its body weight when floating in water. A walk in bathtub also allows you to sit comfortably and safely while you bathe with the hand held shower wand if you decide not to fill the tub. Our tubs are so easy to access that bathing becomes an effortless experience.

Hydro Massage System

Nothing soothes quite like a warm hydro massage bath. You’ll feel stress and tension melt away as you experience the soothing waters of our Hydro Massage system. Simply lie back and feel your muscles relaxing and your aching joints reinvigorate. With the Hydro Massage system, an ordinary bath turns into a day at a revitalizing spa. Our Hydro Massage system coupled with our deep, comforting tubs give you a thorough soak and a relaxing water massage. Aches and pains should wash down the drain.

Therapy Tubs® is proud to offer the revolutionary Syllent motor-pumps in our jetted walk-in tubs. The Syllent motor-pump maintains the water temperature, thus eliminating the need for a heater and additional power requirements. The Syllent motor-pump provides a comfortable whirlpool bath, keeping the water warm as it circulates. The whirling waters relax and soothes tired muscles as you simply sit enjoying the comfort of your Therapy Tub, as if you were enjoying a first-class spa in your very own home. Calm, Therapeutic and Relaxing. The Syllent motor-pump is also energy efficient.

Air Massage System

Therapy Tubs’ Air Massage system features 20 individual jets placed around the tub. These jets send relaxing air bubbles into the water, soothing your aching muscles and rejuvenating your entire body. Your hands, feet, and limbs will feel fantastic after a bath with our Air Massage system. The comforts of a first-class spa are brought to your own home.

Hydro and Air Massage System

Our walk-in bathtubs go from fantastic to phenomenal when paired with our Hydro and Air Massage system. The two systems provide a complete bathing experience. The relaxing and rejuvenating powers of our Hydro and Air Massage systems are unparalleled. After a long day, nothing makes the body feel better than a thorough soak in a Therapy Tub. Our revolutionary systems promise a deep cleansing with calming hydrotherapy. Our Hydro and Air Massage systems offer a superior bathing experience in your own home.

Walk in Bathtubs Sacramento

Therapy Tubs Options


Optional Chromatherapy involves the use of light in order to create changes and achieve balance in the mental and physical states.


Grab Bar
An grab bar can be added to the top rail of your tub, adding additoinal stability when entering or exiting the Therapy Tub.


Shower Curtain
Therapy Tubs’ custom shower curtain has been designed specifically for walk-in tubs,  providing privacy and insures a splash resistant barrier while bathing or showering.


Therapy Tubs’ sense of smell also has a profound effect upon how they feel and what they think about. Advances in aromatherapy have helped Therapy Tubs® take advantage of combining fragrance and treatment.


Ozone Purification on Air Massage Systems
Therapy Tubs’ walk in bathtubs incorporate ozone purification to sanitize the bath water and create an anti-bacterial environment.


Anti-Scalding Valve
Therapy Tubs’ Anti Scalding Thermostatic Mixing Valve provides added protection for the bather from potential hot water scalding.


Polished Chrome Adjustable Slider
To conveniently hold your hand held shower.

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